Dr Rev- Artist

It was very strange how I came across this artist. I went to the Melbourne Tattoo Expo last year and walked past a booth the had ‘bio hazard’ yellow tape around it. I was so intrigued!!!

So to wait no longer I will introduce you to Dr Rev. He is an Australian artist that paints with something a little different… his own blood.

If you go to his main site ‘Bloodpainter‘ you will find our everything there is to know and more about this interesting artist. So I will leave you with some of his art…..





Thoughts of decay

Why do our thoughts turn into darkness when sleep has gone forgotten for sometime?

Why don’t we thing of rainbows and butterflies? or just an embrace of a hand?

I feel sad sometimes that my mind usually goes there,

Somewhere lonely, somewhere dark, with my thoughts of decay….

World scariest drug…

This is just insane! What would you do if this happened to you?