The power of social media

I haven’t written anything in this blog for a very long time but as I take a step back from putting a psychology lab report together I jump onto Facebook. I know procrastinating is a bad thing but when you are trying to put your first ever report together you need something to take your mind away just for a moment.

So here I am looking through my feed and across a page I follow called “Cultura Colectiva +”. They post a variety of different topics but I guess more along the taboo topics. I appreciate these type of things and I know most people out there would be appalled by these things but when Facebook shows one comment from 500k+ that says “THIS IS AGAINST GOD’S WAY !! HOW DARE YOU POST THIS WHERE EVEN YOUNG TEENAGERS SEE THIS.” You just can’t help but click on the comments and read more… why is this? Do we like to see conflict? Do we like to see hate? Well, I continue to read…

The reply comments to this post are a mix of support and against which are as bad as each other. Each slandering the next, trying to one up each other. Again I ask why like this? Do we like to see conflict? Do we like to see hate? It just seems that this powerful thing we call social media is beautifully evil. It can praise the works of peoples humanity but then be slandered in the comments section by some opposing group. Then we have others sharing topics of the wild and unique to be slandered by people of belief or strong morals. Why can’t we have a civilized conversation over social media means?

I guess it is that disconnection of humans connecting and just a screen in front of you and a keyboard to type on. There is no consequence in voicing your opinion just type away. There is a consequence! There is pain! I’m not even apart of these conversations online but when I read them I feel pain for both sides. I have my opinion and my views but as much as it may go against yours I will try not to hate you for how do I know why you have such strong views. You may not know any better. You may be cut off from world connections. You may just be a strong opinionated person but what right does that then give me to slander you off over the internet and tell you you are wrong? It confuses me so much and it brings me pain… but what is it that I am doing now??? Using a media outlet, using a screen with a keyboard, writing shit that most likey no one will read.

I guess with so much hate and pain in the world right now I just need to get something out and this seemed like the best thing at the time…



Dr Rev- Artist

It was very strange how I came across this artist. I went to the Melbourne Tattoo Expo last year and walked past a booth the had ‘bio hazard’ yellow tape around it. I was so intrigued!!!

So to wait no longer I will introduce you to Dr Rev. He is an Australian artist that paints with something a little different… his own blood.

If you go to his main site ‘Bloodpainter‘ you will find our everything there is to know and more about this interesting artist. So I will leave you with some of his art…..




Thoughts of decay

Why do our thoughts turn into darkness when sleep has gone forgotten for sometime?

Why don’t we thing of rainbows and butterflies? or just an embrace of a hand?

I feel sad sometimes that my mind usually goes there,

Somewhere lonely, somewhere dark, with my thoughts of decay….